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About Khaled Al Badie


 Al Badie Group is a multi-discipline company based in Abu Dhabi and is owned by the Al Badie family members who oversee the daily running of the company. One of the key shareholders is Khaled Al Badie who also holds multiple positions in the company. Here is a short biography of Mr Khaled Al Badie the Vice Chairman of the Al Badie Group of Companies.


Early Life of Khaled Al Badie<o:p>


Khaled is the oldest son of Mr Mohammed Jouan Al Badie who is the CEO of the Al Badie Group. He is among the most successful members of his family, and his success hasn`t been by any chance. It took his commitment to study and pursue very challenging careers in his life. Khaled Al Badie went to George Washington University where he was enrolled for the MSF in Financial Management. This is where he learned his management skills in the areas of finance this led to his wide knowledge in the areas of banking and insurance. <o:p>


Khaled Al Badie Career Life<o:p>


Khaled started his career life as a banker at the Abu Dhabi National Bank. While at the National Bank, he served in several senior positions. This was due to his competency that was seen as strategic to propel the bank to high performance. Having stayed with the Abu Dhabi National Bank for a number of years, he was in charge of Asset management serving as the head of Asset Management Group; he served as the Deputy General Manager of the Investment Banking Division and also as the Secretary of the Board of directors. These were some of the senior positions in different departments where he served the Abu Dhabi National Bank for several years. After serving the bank for a long time, Khalid would then join the family business where he serves currently. <o:p>


Khalid Al Badie Career Art the Family Business<o:p>


Since the early days of his career in the private sector and particularly within Al Badie Group, he has been instrumental in driving the firm to success. This is because he served in various positions taking active roles since the year 2006 when he first joined the firm. He has risen throughout the careers and achieved a top position severally where he has been designated to serve in different positions. For the last 11 years, he was involved in critical decision making, and he didn’t hesitate to contribute the best to make sure the company rose to success. <o:p>


As at 2017, he is the current Vice Chairman of the group. He deputises his dad who is the CEO and Chairman of the group. To achieve the success, he has enjoyed professional support from highly trained staff who have academic qualifications which include MBA`s and PhDs. The current roles at the group include Chief Financial Officer, Chair of Project Owners Committee, Managing director of AL Badie Travel Agency, and he is also the Vice Chairman of Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company.  <o:p>


Those are some of the life achievements of Khaled Al Badie, and he continues to contribute a lot to his career at ABG. <o:p>

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