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World Demand For Oil And Its Dramatic Growing


As per the latest report, in 2018, the world demand for oil will grow and may reach over 5 percent. Well, the report was stated by the UN expert on global energy issues Togrul Bagirov in an interview. He is one of the finest and renowned personality who is the executive vice president of Moscow international petroleum club and has experience of many years in the same domain. Dr. Togrul Bagirov in his interview with CBC within the framework of the "Economy of the Day" program has said that as per the graph of the daily use of the petrol, it has been identified that its demand will soon increased by 5% and this consumption will push the production and supplies.<o:p>

According to Togrul Bagirov Nobel, the previous year was successful in terms of rising oil prices as well as it is facilitated by the geopolitical and economic situation in the world. He also said, the increment in the value of black gold will also be affected by the commitment of countries that have joined the OPEC as well as were in the agreement to rebalance prices. Togrul Bagirov Baku has also said that the oil prices will range between $65-75 in 2018 and assumed that oil prices will change based on this interval. Also, in the future he assumed that the prices can grow and will certainly grow in the following years as well. <o:p>

Togrul Bagirov Moscow also exclaimed that currently the prices are $70 per barrel, and if the prices will be same, we can call it the best price, because it is beneficial not only for extracting countries, but also for consuming countries. His predictions have always been accurate and 2018 is here to check the predicted status of Mr. Togrul. <o:p>

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