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Violent demolitions in Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, laid-off workers are homeless!


I was at No. 60, Shanting Street, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. The morning of February 4th, 2018, was not yet lit. The local government joined forces with developers and evil forces and the police to engage in real estate development under the old city renovation slogan. Violent demolition of the only home I inhabited seriously violated my property rights and residence rights. The local government's behavior of ignoring the party and the state and the law was a violation of the socialist law and was a fascist act.


Because I was not at home, they engaged in violent destruction and used extremely dastardly methods. They cut off my water pipes, cut off the wires in the outdoors and rooms, and even odiously removed the furniture left by my grandfather. This is the behavior of robbers and bandits. Does it appear in a socialist country with Chinese characteristics in a new era?

Even with the daughters from my school, they sent three people and ventured into my daughter's school to find her (minority). This caused her to have a certain fear in her heart.


Finally, on the evening of February 1, 2018, I sent a notice saying that my family was in dilapidated buildings and ordered me to dismantle it before February 4th.

The “Property Law” and “Regulations on the Acquisition and Compensation of Houses on State-owned Land” strictly prohibit illegal violent demolitions. However, on the morning of February 4th, 2018, it is still not lit and people are still asleep. The local government is co-developers and policemen. In the morning, more than 100 people arrived. Just like Hitler's SS, they lacked dogs. They surrounded my house. I couldn't get to the roof. They slammed the door and knocked out the windows. My family took things away and pushed the whole house down, illegally restricting my personal freedom and forced body searches. During this period, the police were told that this was a government action and refused to send out th e police. However, the Central Government in 2011 clearly stipulated that policemen and policemen should not participate in land acquisition, demolition, etc. Non-police activities, who gave them the courage to let them go to the country's legal disciplines, regardless of who makes them look at national laws, is there any reason? Does a common civilian population still have room for survival?

The violent and terrorist acts of the local government are an example of the lack of party and state laws. Acts of using violence to oppress the civilian population are really outrageous! I want human rights, to live right! For this reason, I hope that the relevant government departments will do something to uphold justice and serious laws and disciplines! Under the precondition of governing the country according to law, the people’s lives and property are protected in the most basic way.

I am a laid-off worker and a daughter who is dependent on each other. There is no economic income, no subsistence allowance, and the only house that is currently inhabited is also destroyed. It is desperation. I can only shout through the internet!

No.60, Shanting Street, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

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