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Male, 30, Spring Valley, NY

Posted December 05, 2012


Female, Age Private, New York, NY

Posted June 01, 2012

Dear friend
how are you doing? i hope you are fine ,please don,t be
suprise to receive my message, my name is Lillian. i came
accross your profile at through friends i
decided to communicate with you, because i believe one can
find a very good caring, understanding and God fearing
person by all means in the world, i hope to hear from you so
that i can tell you more about my self with love and trust,
and as well give you my pics, please kindly write me back so
that we can know more about each other for further
yours new friend
Lillian mail me (

___:)$$$ยงยง$$$$:)____:)$$$$$ย งยง$$:)
_:)$$$ยงยง:)__S$$$:)_:)$$$S__ย งยงยง$$$:)
:)$$$ยงยง:)_____:)$$$$$:)____ย งยงยง$$$:)
:)$$$ยงยง:)_______:)$:)______ย งยงยง$$$:)
:)$$$ยงยง:)_________________:) ยงยง$$$:)
_:)$$$ยงยง:)_______________:)ย งยง$$$:)
__:)$$$ยงยง:)_____________:)ยง ยง$$$:)
___:)$$$ยงยง:)___________:)ยงย ง$$$:)
_____:)$$$ยงยง:)_______:)ยงยง$ $$:)
_______:)$$$ยงยง:)___:)ยงยง$$$ :)

My Dear