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    September 12, 2003

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    Bridgeport, CT

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You Take A Guess

100% Godess

100% Boriqua


:Zodiac Sign:
Scorpio: The Stinger

Bridgeport, CT

"On a quest to be informed and a path to be enlightened"

Gaining Knowledge, Prospering, Writing, Reading, Music, Dancing, Art & What Evers Clever

RL = Strongwill, Wisdom, Ambition, Curiousity, Understanding, Loyalty, Respect, Realness & Romance <width="468" height="60">

"Would it have been such a mistake for you to take a chance on me? You will never truly know what great magic I could have brought to your life and your heart."

Hello to everyone out there in this universe and beyond! I will start of by saying that I love to have conversations about anything interesting, amusing, informative or even casual, but I will not respond to ignorant notes. I am not the type to be considered stuck up. I keep it humble and respectful and I do have class. Therefore, if you send me a note asking me to holla...I ain`t no holla back girl! No you will not get a response. I am not your shawty, ma, or what ever else lames are refering to women as now a days.

Besides that I love life and everything about it. I take the good and the bad and mold and work my way around it. With lack of negatives and positives "one" never truly has balance.

Sat Namm-

I try to rationalize and analyze so much that boggles my mind.

Why is it that we always want what we can`t have? Why is it that everything that feels so good is so bad? Why is it that we fall in some twisted form of love for the one we can`t have? Are these anomalies of life tactically set to taunt us and torture us? Could it be that in some subconscious way we have been programmed to always want what we shouldn`t have?

Confusion everlasting

installed by your deceptions

this heartache festers

tenderized like meat

beaten repeatedly

with your mallet

of so called Love

whisper soft melodies

of soulful torture

intended to eliminate

My infernal inner sun

unsuccessfully you attempt

My intuition is majestic

dominant force I am

confusion turns to light

I visualize the reality

grasp your objective

clasp it with womanhood

destroy it with wisdom

You have no power over me!

Look on the brighter side

But don`t get blinded by the light

At first seems right

When no challenge is set

There`s no reason for a fight

You see no cause for change

It`s time to wake up

Break it down and


Take a minute and check out the view

Don`t you see what we`re going through

Corruption of our seeds

Motivation led by greed

Total lack of good deeds

Everybody out for their own grind

Hatred for our own kind

With lack of unity to stand and rise

We will be our own demise

Don`t get blindfolded by lies

And let the truth pass you by

My main purpose for this page is to meet and build with people who want to make positive changes. I am an extremely openminded person who enjoys all forms of art & life. I like to surround myself with individuals who have not allowed them selves to be brain washed & who are also seekers of truth.

Very rarely do I come across pages where the person seems to have some type of individualism. It appears that there is an epidemic of cloning in action. How are things in this country ever going to change when so many are consumed by the concept of being the same? Why has unoriginality become the newest trend? If anyone out there knows please inform me.

It`s so refreshing when I come across a page that is unique, informative, artistic & sincere. Be real to yourself and others will keep it real with you. That`s one of the codes I live by.

On another note, alot of you guys on MG have been asking for pics showing my body off. I have absolutely no interest in revealing my assets to perfect strangers. I let my words & my actions represent me. I have alot of respect for myself and my body. I have seen too many pages of girls with everything revealed and nothing left for the imagination. Where`s the mystery in that?

I have realized that people will always pass negative judgement no matter what you do, I laugh at those who confused themselves into believing that I would live my life based on there opinions. I would have never accomplished anything if I cluttered my mind with all the blah blah in the background.

Anyhooo...I would like to state that ketchup is the best thing invented.

My favorite thing to do is listen to music - banging those beats - keeps me sane and dancing is one of my true passions. I would not make it through life with out it. It`s as crucial to me as water & air are to the earth.

I would like to make a brief acknowledgement to all the up and coming artist, poets, rappers, singers, idealist...etc. We need more creative minds in this world, so keep doing your thing. Those who can`t criticize.

To all you real ones out there who would like

to converse I am always open to meeting new people and learning new things so don`t hesitate to send me a note.

Who or what installed the ability of men to rule whole nations through greed and tyranny? Over the centuries many have witnessed and passed through genocide. People have been stripped of their religion, customs and pride in the name of a king. Families torn apart, children made to be slaves and young girls raped of their innocence. I wonder why events like these continue to reoccur. I imagine that there was a point in time when the human race was pure of heart or at least I would like to hope so. Will the day ever come when racsim, hate & oppresion are distant things of the past?

A day when the world revolves around an axis of peace!!!

The answers stand unknown....Courageously facing this world alone....Mysteries I embrace....Struggles I must face....Strength and wisdom are my defense....Asking mysellf does it all make sense...One day the path will be set to find my way....Untill then this game of life I will continue to play

"Only those who attempt the absurd will acheive the impossible"

"Choose your words wisely and be even more particular of your actions. Those with open hearts and open minds can be misled by what you did and the things you said"

"Those who are strong go crazy.....Those who are weak just go along"

-Assata Shakur

Power in Numbers

We as a people need & have to unite and rise up to make the changes that are long overdue. We are convinced that our people are no longer oppressed. The fact remains that we still have a long way to go. Money is power and it seems that our tax dollars are not being used for our benefit. Our children`s school budgets are continuously being cut. Major corporations and high paid individuals continue to get tax cuts, while our taxes continue to rise. These are just a few examples. There are a tremendous amount of issues going on in our communities and we need to open our eyes and realize what is going down. For those of you who know what I am talking about get the word out there. We have to do what ever we can. For those of you who don`t know take the time to educate your self and find out. Any effort is better than none.


"Never settle for less than what your heart and soul sincerely desires. Consequently you will only deprive yourself of true happiness"

"Don`t let your past mistakes and experiences be your own self destruction"

"Never convince yourself that you are not good enough or capable of doing anything. You will never know unless you make an attempt"

There are so many people who make mistakes and get down on themselves and get stuck in a pattern of screw ups. They put them selves in a frame of mind that they can`t and never will have a better life or accomplish anything. They blame everything and everyone else. They want to blame their past and current circumstances as if they have been victims of society. It`s pretty obvious who is to blame. Life isn`t and can never be continuously kind. I know most of us didn`t have it easy growing up. Maybe some of us grew up poor. Maybe some of us were abused or had a broken home. We all have been through our share of struggles. Have the courage and strength to rise above all of your past circumstances. Learn to love yourself. Don`t focus on all your flaws and acknowledge all the good qualities within your self. When life throws you a blow get back up and fight. Don`t lose hope or motivation. Let your light shine.


"Never let your love overflow to the point where there isn`t any left for yourself"

"Don`t get wrapped up in all the main stream hype. Most followers don`t have sense of self. There is no shame in being different."

"Hyprocits say they want honesty and then condemn you for your truths"


"When all else fails a good laugh will prevail"


"Those who find them selves in segements of weakness are sometimes fooled by falsehood. They are incapable of the notion to realize real lies. A clouded mind leads to deciet of this kind. Rise above the clouds and lifes true answers you shall find"

"Random Thoughts"

If you have something you need to say to someone make it a point to do so, because tommorow is not promised and you will live to regret it.

Do not be afraid to express how you feel.

Do not fear the unknown.

Take chances

Live life free & full, but keep the feelings of those closest to you in mind.


Why have you been a stranger?

Teasing me with your intoxication

Give me all or nothing

A taste is not enough

I want that everlasting kind

Not the kind that is erased with time

A love long and strong

One that will not fail me

Untarnished by hatred

Flattered by the simplicity

Joyous by the unexpected

Never rejected or neglected

Not a hello or a goodbye

A constant

Where are you?

Cruz_Control says: The R. is a very sincere and extraordinary lady. She has a thirst for laughter in life, enjoys the simple sillyness you find by not looking too hard at things, and has a smile that`s been working since her birth. I can honestly say that I enjoy her company. She reminds me day in and day out why I value our friendship. I adore all the little things she does and I deeply admire her character. I wouldn`t change one single thing on this human being. If you`re lucky enough to get inside that unique circle of friendship status, I suggest you hold on strong. She`s quicky moving up there on my "Best Friends" list. With so many people in the world and so little space in your heart, you`d never imagine fitting one more throughout your life. I thank her for opening my eyes to things and broadening my horizons. All I can say is that R., thanks!

Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Scorpio is the emotional dynamo of the Zodiac. No stranger to the subconscious mind, she reads the hidden motives of others with ease. You may see the Scorpio frowning with a deep hurt inside, or smiling delightedly with some secret knowledge. A keen observer of human nature she fears no enemy, because Scorpio sees all danger and knows the weaknesses of her opponents. To be her friend is to have the bravest ally, the fiercest fighter on your side. To cross her can be dangerous!

Scorpio is in tune with the forces of life and death, sexuality, birth, dramatic changes, danger, catastrophe and the powerful forces of man and nature. Her ruling planet, Pluto, is associated with atomic power and the criminal underworld.

The Scorpio is fascinated with anything that offers complete transcendence - spirituality, the occult, ecstatic or thrilling physical states or a complete renovation of some part of her life. To her, these experiences are like a rebirth. They make her feel alive because they give her the spiritual and emotional regeneration she needs.

Scorpio is passionate and intense with loved ones. She values loyalty and bravery above all. She can be secretive when unsure, but is very open and revealing with her most trusted friends!

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