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    July 06, 2007

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    Sane 1

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    Elizabeth, NJ

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    Puerto Rican

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my mood? lifted. my mind? gifted. my kindness? misread. my attitude? shifted. towards U? livid. my feet? pivit. my life? live it. my friendship? missd it. away? U pissed it. my %#&@$!? jus KISS IT ~ Sane1 ! (no1gotwurdzlikem3!)

Yea the usual, my life is very uniform, lifes a bytch, But thats the type of CHet that U be ON, IM realistic, but u rather put a movie ON, I ask R real woman nonexistent like a Unicorn, no home cooked meals, like they fine without U, cant leave the kids with grandma, Cuz she goin out too, im supposed to trust U, and ne...ver ever dout U, so watS left BUt hold ur breath till ur face is jus about BLue, ~Sane1

i consider a smile equivalent to a frown, i breathe air everyday but continue to drown, PHuk flying away and plant ur feet on the ground, cuz when ur gas run out the only DireCtion is DowN, its Kinda Bad over here, Pick any Section in Town, miserable as phuk, my Smile is fake and stuck like a clowns ~ SanE1 (sanetheimpaler !)

I lived MINe at a fast pace, They say life is Sweet but it left my mouth with a bad taste, misery luvZ comPany and we running a fast pace, Im jus tired now this is the last race, Cuz i keep comin in last PLacE, i threw all my cardZ in, but holdin on to my LasT Ace , which iS mY chiLd THat maKEs me CracK a smile as if I had a Glass FacE, ~SanE1 ! (3asy!!) itsnatural.

As FaR as I Can C I do CHet preciselY, cuz anyone remotely NIce as mE, will onlY FrightEn Me, Im TryIn to bRanch oFf and Make MoveS to onlY heighTen mE, I AM POeTrY and u, You jus try to b, NIce Try..... But not LikeLy.. ~ sANe !

thiS in not exactly, how & wHat i planned to be, ive askd aLL my questioNs and not a SinglE perSOn ansWerd Me, Always Last on Line Cuz nobodyZ in back of me, I didnt haVe a Child, to hAve a BrokEn faMily, Been toLd im a GreaT dad, sO y Is chilDsuppOrt after me, Hood womAn acting chIk, and ACTiNG MeanS not ACTUALLY, let...S talk FACTUALLY, StickZ n sToneS may break boNes But urS will Never FRACTURE ME, ~sANe (3asy!)

U can lead a horse to water, But u cant make em Drink, Try to surprise a Blind Man, BUT u cant make em Blink, Bring down the spiritS of a Good Man, BUT u cant make em SINK, I compare SHiT to ur MOODs, Cuz ur attitudeS really STINK. ~sAnE1 (ugetnowhererunnininplace!) 3asy!

Death is LIFEs Greatest MotivatOr~sAnE1

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Female, Age Private, Fairless Hills, PA

Posted October 31, 2007

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Female, 38, Orlando, FL

Posted August 16, 2007


Female, Age Private, Fairless Hills, PA

Posted July 18, 2007

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