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El amor es como la guerra - es facil empezar pero dificil terminar

Well I have a pretty long past, but most recently I have gone through a lot of life changes. I lived in Minnesota for most of my life and I fell into a lifestyle I wasn't ready for. In the end I was hurt extremely bad, I was brokenhearted and betrayed in the worst way possible. In an attempt to mend the damage, about 7 months ago I decided the best way to find my true self would be to loose myself. I had moved to NJ and some how I ended up in Tampa. I am in school full time and I also am pursuing my career in banking. It seems as though I am living a very boring life but I feel that now I am regaining my life back. The most important lesson I have learned about my hardship is truly discovering how beautiful a human soul can be, and that maybe it is actually the scares from our battles that make our souls exquisite. I have made the most extraordinary friends since I have been on my journey and I love all of them. To whomever may cross my path I want to say thank you for listening to my story. If you have any questions feel free to ask, God bless.

Instagram: MsRamos05